Everything 011 (mother cluster)

  • August 31, 2015

mother clusterLanikaea supercluster

When work on this book was started, it was said that our Milky Way Galaxy is in The Virgo Supercluster but as the book has moved along, so has the Milky Way’s home.

It’s now said to be in a supercluster named Laniakea, which is one of millions of superclusters in the observable Universe.

Laniakea is Hawaiian for “immeasurable heaven.”

It looks sort of like the image above without all the fanciful lines and colors. Those lines are flows of movement of galaxies, most of them moving toward the Great Attractor at the center of Liniakea.

Laniakea superclusterThis is another visualization of Laniakea. The red spot suggests where our tiny Milky Way is, adrift in the vast Laniakean field.