EVERYTHING (the field)Filament closeup

This is the Universe. The yellow areas contain billions of clusters of supergalaxies, each of which contains billions of solar systems. It is mostly almost nothing. We call it space, but it is more than space.

Nothing is certain, but it sure looks like there’s a vast seamless web of energy and information that flows through absolutely everything everywhere at all times, including the center of your brain, hard-wiring you to everything everywhere, forever.

The stuff that is not-quite-stuff in the blazing fire of a star is the same as in the heart of a single particle.

Something constant seems to be encouraging energy and information to organize into dust and drops of water (and rhinoceroses and planets), into enormous things and things too small to see.

“Nothingness” is 99.99% of everything at both the scale of the Universe and the sub-atomic wave/particle scale.

Ninety-nine point nine nine means the matter we’re so focused on is less than 1% of the Universe.

This continuous “space” moves in waves everywhere, always, incessantly creating stuff all around it.

In science, this is all said to be true.

Beyond science, philosophers posit that this complete continuity implies there is complete continuous forceful communication everywhere, always.

There are many names for this force, but the one with the most import is consciousness.

What is that stuff surrounding our personal particles?

If we are inside a seamless ocean of consciousness are we its tools?

Or what?


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