All you need is love

  • November 27, 2018


In essentially all religions, once you get past the rules about God, the first value that is said to be universal is compassion and respect for everyone.

No one can earn respect from others if they are not compassionate and considerate toward them.*

Buddha said that we must love our enemies as well, and that loving everyone, even the one who hates, is true compassion.*

It can be argued that the fundamental core ethical value among humans is “The Golden Rule,” which basically says “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”

That one goes back at least to the Code of Hammurabi and threads its way through all major religions and thought systems, such as Buddhism.

It is safe to say that nearly all humans subscribe to this value.

But it is also clear in the course of human history that a minority do not subscribe and are able to overwhelm our societies with anger and hatred.

There are always disgruntled hordes of compassionless people following sub-human thugs toward death and slavery.

The rest of us have to seek our essential Selves and overwhelm them with love.

So far, the tide of history has ultimately swept them out to sea, and while they are never forgotten, they are always remembered as monsters.

It’s not easy to love monsters, but that is the challenge.


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