Everything 019 (the ephemeral)

  • September 3, 2015

the ephemeralWave to particle

Writers about quantum physics tell us that when you get right down to it and start observing fundamental particles and measuring them, they change state from waves (non-matter) to particles (matter) and back.

They argue that particles cannot be said to exist in a certain space and time until they are observed.

Only humans are able to look and imagine this deeply into Everything, which might imply that humans are needed to observe Everything into existence.

But we can barely see into the atomic world and less so into the particle world, and we need lots of imagination to explore the field of waves world.

So there is intense discussion about the Nature, so to speak, of the field of waves world and what drives it, what’s within it?

Is there a Universal Mind driving Creation?

Quantum weirdness is a term used to describe the kind of stuff that is apparently going on at the core of existence.