If consciousness is God

  • May 17, 2018


if consciousness is God

Previously, I have described a physical construct for the Universe that includes the seamless web of energy and information that flows absolutely everywhere, always.

Scientists are agreed that there is something seamless there and through that seamlessness everything is in fact connected, everywhere, always.

Some philosophers and some scientists and some other kinds of humans are making increasing peace with the concept of a pervasive field of consciousness occupying this space at all times, everywhere.

Some propose that consciousness could be God, in the form of a Presence.

That concept explains a lot of things.

The baffling idea that God is everywhere is no longer baffling and makes perfect sense.

The idea that we have our own gateways to God, that we are constantly infused with God, seems helpful and encouraging.

We see that God is not a man or a woman, but is a Presence.

If you buy this concept, then the Universe and Nature and Everything There Is begins to make perfect sense.