Everything 037 (consciousness forms people)

  • February 25, 2016

consciousness forms people

Consciousness in humans

If consciousness uses energy and information to create people, among other things, well, people are pretty complex, capable of experience and intent, so consciousness must be seeking experience and it gives the gift of intent in order to obtain that experience.

Through people, consciousness creates babies, and grows networks in them, with the most complicated thing in the Universe evolving in their heads, becoming infused with consciousness. 

Consciousness is not in the brain; it contains the brain and everything else in the Universe.

Some people are more aware of consciousness than others, and of course that creates a lot of problems among the populace, especially as it concerns community and governance issues.

Still, along the way, people were able to go to the moon and create the Buick Wildcat concept car, shown here. Buick Wildcat concept car