Everything 005 (another view)

  • August 23, 2015

another viewunfolding

Other wisdom seekers through the ages have seen the beginning in a softer, fluid, always unfolding flower metaphor.

Their story contains eggs and lotuses and magic, and in it all matter is born from waves and nurtured in a field of comprehensive creativity that some people call Nature and some people call God or God’s mind.

If they are right, that means God is everywhere, always.

Everything floats in a mysterious field that is commonly called space, but it is not empty space, and it is sometimes called the Quantum Vacuum, but it is not a vacuum.

It is also called the Zero Point Field and the Morphic Field and the Akashic Field and other exotic things.

It is absolutely continuous, contiguous, connected, constant, and seemingly conscious.

The Universe, all universes, emanate from this field of consciousness.


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