Everything 032 (motive)

  • October 29, 2015


John D. Rockefeller said once: “God gave me my money.”

That’s an interesting perspective and full of mystery given the unreality of money: a concept commonly manifested on paper and used to persuade people to do things or give things to you.

After all, humans did everything it took to extract resources from the Earth to construct a massive rocket that would take three men to the Moon.

It is said we could do that because the United States is rich.

That is, the United States could “throw money” at the project.

Certainly, the humans who collectively created the intellectual framework for rocketry and metallurgy and so on and the humans who dug in the Earth to extract materials to make titanium and the humans who drilled in the Earth to extract oil and gas, and the humans who refined that into rocket fuel, and the humans who wired together logic boards to enable navigation and so on partly did so, it is true, because they were offered money for the effort.

But. You know, they did the work.

They were capable of creating what they could envision.

It is not beyond reason that there could have been some sort of shared vision and shared effort without the money.

Could that happen?