Everything 025 (excitement)

  • September 10, 2015


particle flow

Whatever it is, the fog of energy and information is present absolutely everywhere and always, including within the construct you think of as you.

We used to refer to this fog as “space” and think of it as empty. A vacuum. Not any more.

Now we know that space is suffused with quantum fields, which are literally everywhere.

The protons, electrons, and other particles often described as the building blocks of matter are themselves exceptions of quantum fields.

Space looks empty when the fields languish near their minimum energy levels. But when the fields are excited, space comes alive with visible matter and energy*.

  • This quote was from a National Geographic article by Timothy Ferris that seems to have disappeared from the Internet. It is, however, referenced deep into this article: thebillyleepontificator.com/Conscious-Life/.