What does “existential crisis” mean?

  • October 31, 2018

It means that many lifeforms are becoming extinct and it is no longer beyond reason that the human species faces that possibility in the next several generations.

In our stories, in books and movies, an existential crisis moves heroes on quests to seize the day, to reverse the danger, to save life on Earth.

In this time, we seem to be still looking for that hero, as the anti-hero rages across the stage spewing ignorance and hatred, with the world nearly in his grasp.

Our Hero is still in the bat cave somewhere, so several somewhat lesser heroes have to take things in hand.

Each of these lesser heroes must try to summon our help because the task is about changing millions, if not billions, of minds.

Those of us worried about children and grandchildren are strongly motivated and highly experienced in life.

There might be hundreds of thousands of us already in the quest.

We need to re-energize and push forward. Now is our moment.

The first job: bring people to the polls and establish new leadership in our government offices.

If that can be achieved, there will be great hope for the future on November 7, just days away.

  • David Crossley

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